A Minimal Wardrobe

One of the areas I minimised first was my wardrobe. I had been thinking about a clean out anyway, so I figured this would be an easy place to start.I didn’t have as much excess clothing as I thought, but my weight does fluctuate quite often. I knew I had items I had purchased for those in-between times when I couldn’t quite go a size up or down. A lot of my wardrobe was made up of cheaper or make-do items I was just putting up with, until I reached my ideal weight or could fit back into them again. I didn’t have a lot of clothing that I felt fabulous in, but I alsoknew I couldn’t afford to just get rid of it all and start again. So I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and asked myself some questions:

  • What do I have that fits me right now?
  • Of these, what do I feel comfortable in?
  • Of these, which items serve their purpose?
  • Are these items still in good condition?
  • Am I happy to continue wearing these?
  • The items I decided to keep went straight back into the wardrobe.
  • The items I decided not to keep, I asked:
    • Do I have something else that serves the same purpose?
      Do I need to replace this item?
      If yes, what would I replace it with?
      How soon would I need to replace it?
      Can I afford to replace it by then?
      Would I wear this in the meantime?
  • Items I would no longer wear went straight into a bag for donation. Everything else either went back into the wardrobe, or got separated for repair or replacement.
  • Now, the next part may disturb some readers, but I’m a list person. And to help me get myself organised I needed to write a list of everything I had kept, so I could see where I had any gaps or remaining excess.
  • Here’s what I ended up with:
    • 5 x singlet style tank tops
      5 x casual short sleeve tops
      5 x casual long sleeve tops
      5 x casual knitted jumpers / pullovers
      3 x pairs of jeans (dark, light, white)
      3 x pairs of black pants (used for work)
      1 x casual skirt
      1 x casual dress
      2 x dress tops (also used for work)
      1 x casual jacket
      1 x suit jacket (for work)
      1 x trench coat
      1 x winter coat
      1 x wind / waterproof jacket
      1 x cocktail dress (for evening / events)
      3 x yoga pants (alternate as lounge wear)
      3 x yoga tops (alternate as lounge wear)
      1 x summer pyjamas
      1 x winter pyjamas
      1 x swimming costume
      1 x slippers
      1 x joggers
      1 x casual walking shoes
      1 x Birkenstocks
      1 x flip flops
      1 x ballet flats (for work and casual)
      1 x dress boots with heel
      1 x casual flat boots
      1 x dress shoes / heels
      1 x Beanie
      1 x Gloves
      2 x Pashmina style scarves
      1 x Steel cap boots (PPE for work)
      5 x casual socks
      3 x sports socks
      1 x tights / leggings
      1 x set of thermal top/ pants
      10 x underpants
      2 x normal bras
      1 x sports bra
      1 x watch
      1 x earrings
      1 x necklace with pendant
      1 x bracelet

    As a long term goal, I would ideally like to gradually replace a number of items in my wardrobe. Rather than settling for items I don’t like but are cheap and get me through. I would love to focus on investing in quality items that are ethically and sustainably sourced and made, and that really compliment my style and shape. I have fairly simple, classic taste and love the classic french capsule wardrobe idea with well tailored neutral staple items, mixed with a few statement pieces. On top of my wardrobe I have one large suitcase that contains other bags:

    • Carry-on suitcase
    • Overnight bag
    • Large black tote
    • Small evening clutch
  • Everyday I used the same cross-body bag.
  • The only other item on top of my wardrobe is a large plastic tub containing my favourite clothes in smaller sizes.
  • Now, normally I would say get rid of it, but because I am actively make changes to reduce my weight I figured it would be more economical to keep a handful of items I loved and could use again as I work through that process, rather than having to go out and buy more when the time comes.
  • So now that I have established my clothing inventory, my priority is to focus on my wellness first and foremost. In order for me to ever have a wardrobe of clothes that I absolutely love and enjoy wearing, I have to address the ongoing weight fluctuations and stabilise my weight within a healthy weight range. Health comes first for me now.

    My clothing challenge: I now challenge myself to hold off on replacing anything in my wardrobe until I reach my goal weight. As my reward, I plan to save as much money as I can, so that when I do reach my goal I can go shopping!

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