What Do You Believe?

This is my religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is the temple. The philosophy is kindness. – The Dalai Lama.

Our values and beliefs underpin our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions. They determine how we view the world, and how we treat ourselves and others. Our assumptions, judgements and biases are all shaped by our values and beliefs. Identifying and challenging what we believe is not easy. But if we are ever going to build a life with purpose and meaning, we need solid foundations.Now, I don’t mean you need to bury yourself in spiritual literature or start reciting scripture passages. I mean going deep within and identifying your own personal beliefs. The beliefs that are unique to you, and what you believe to be true.Here are some examples:

  • I believe in kindness
  • I believe in human equality
  • I believe in miracles
  • I believe in Karma
  • I believe charity begins in the home
  • I believe the truth will set you free
  • I believe we are all worthy of love
  • I believe there is beauty in simplicity
  • I believe in unconditional love
  • I believe we will see world peace
  • I believe there is one God with many interpretations.
  • I believe in equality for all living beings
  • I believe we will all meet again in heaven.
  • Once you have identified the beliefs that are true and unique to you, it becomes easier to group them into common themes, which may help in identifying your values.
  • For example:
    • I value relationships
      I value fairness
      I value integrity
      I value humility
      I value kindness
      I value life
      I value simplicity
      I value quality

    Aligning our values and beliefs with each aspect of our lives, helps us live a life of harmony. When our actions, decisions or priorities conflict with our values and beliefs, the result is often unhappiness, discord, illness and unrest.So wherever you are on your journey, take the time to re-establish your foundations. It will make building the rest of your framework so much more satisfying. And aligning the two will set you on the path to a balanced future.

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