The Decluttering Project

Welcome into our home. A fairly modest 3 bedroom 2 bathroom suburban home. We had already down sized a heap of our belongings prior to moving into this house back in 2014. Given this is a personal blog about our journey towards a simpler and more soulful life, I wanted to publish a post about our current state, and then further updates as we go. Hopefully this may help someone, somewhere who is on a similar journey to see that we’re not perfect either. We still have a long way to go before we’ll consider ourselves ‘done’. Even then, I’m envisaging a lifelong journey of maintenance to ensure we don’t creep back into some of our former habits. So here are some images of our home as at today, the 14th July 2018. We still have furniture items full of excess stuff (China cabinet and entertainment unit) we are sorting through and minimising even further. But you can see the empty shelves, the way we’ve started paring back our furniture and how we’ve gotten ourselves down to a pile of stuff in our exit room (mainly documents, photos, files, and electronics we are struggling to find a new home for).I’m hoping over the coming months, as we continue on our journey, we will have made some good progress on this again (removing stored items and the furniture used to store them!, plus the contents of all our cupboards.And considering this home is for two adults and a small dog, and we have enough chairs to seat about 20 people, we could do with some further culling.It’s a definite work in progress, and I look forward to documenting the various stages of our journey. Eventually I’d love to paint the walls a lighter colour – it’s all a bit too beige (well… taupe….) at the moment, and whites and greys uplift me a lot more than browns and beiges. But that’s another day… Our goal is to eventually get down to only the bare essentials, so we can fit into a smaller apartment near the water somewhere (that’s my dream, anyway…)There are a few areas I haven’t published in this post, mainly because I need to keep something for later, lol… But this is a first glance anyway. Considering we started off with a ginormous storage unit in Melbourne, it’s not a bad effort.

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