Welcome to Soul Simple!My name is Nadine Toscano and I have recently decided to write about my journey towards a simpler and more soulful life.I live with my husband near the lovely town of Camden, about an hour south west of the city of Sydney, Australia. We share our home with our four legged fur-child, a very well loved doggie named Roxy.Our Soul Simple journey began back in 2006, after realising that we were stuck in a life that we were supposed to be living, instead of a life that we had chosen to live. We were craving a life that aligned with our values and beliefs. A life filled with joy and purpose.Throughout my life I have always loved writing. I’m certainly no expert, and there is still so much I have to learn. But I wanted to start documenting our journey in the hope that we may inspire or help others who share our passion for simple and soulful living.We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, and there is no scientific evidence or proven methods to validate our journey. We have simply followed our heart, and we continue to experiment with different ideas and approaches that feel right for us at the time.I welcome your feedback and comments along the way, and hope you enjoy the journey.Nadine xx